Past Tournaments

2017 Tournaments and Events on Big Bear

:Michael Delucia & Matthew Delucia

Michael Delucia and Matthew Delucia are Big Bear’s Tournament of champions winners. They are a father and son team with a nice story from Pasadena who bought a bass boat and decided to start fishing Big Bear’s Bass Tournaments this year. The father-son team won three i a row during the qualifying tournaments and won both days of the Tournament of Champions. Matthew Delucia is a senior in high school and has plans to return next year for more bass fishing fun.

2017 Aaron’s Big Bear Bass Tournament Series – Results

1st:  Michael Delucia & Matthew Delucia           16lbs 4.4oz        7lbs 6oz             23lbs 10.4oz

2nd: Aaron Armstrong                                            8lbs 0.4oz         7lbs 14.2oz        15lbs 14.6oz

3rd: Matt Metroka & Marceli Smagacz               13lbs 0.2oz          0                         13lbs 0.2oz

                                                                                                 Big Fish Winners  6lbs 3.8oz

4th: Steve Almquist & Jim Effron                         9lbs 5.8oz            0                         9lbs 5.8oz

WON Big Bear Troutfest Tournament – Sept 9 – 10, 2017

Karen Morones is the Western Outdoor News Troutfest winner. She caught this 5.73 rainbow trout on the first day of the trout tournament. Congratulations Karen! Big Bear hopes to see you fishing again soon!