Work with our town and mountain to try and generate funds to go back to the lake for fish.

Establish a Youth Fishing Club (YFC) on our mountain teaching our young people how to fish, while promoting the outdoors.

Promote the lake whole mountain host family-friendly tournaments to promote fishing in
general and generate interest in fishing for our youth.

Establish a mountain wide OTA that is a combative measure against online travel agencies
that take over $10,000,000 a year from Big Bear Lake alone.

10% stays on the mountain, with 6% goes to Big Bear Lake Fishing Association, 3% going to
Big Bear Lake Municipal Water District, and 1% to our mountain schools.

You can help by becoming a member.

E-blasting friends and past guests about tournaments, using social media.

Anything booked on our site the Association collects 10%. Trying to keep money on our mountain. Giving back to our lake.

Please tell your friends & family to book their next family vacation on bigbearfishingassociation.org