Business Members Insta-Catch Technology

With or without a membership, everyone is able to take advantage of our

Insta-Catch technology!

Insta-Catch technology will allow individual business members to have a second local source of revenue from the power of family friendly fishing tournaments. It is designed to allow customers to reserve lodging and other activities / events in town at the same time as booking their fishing tournament.

All businesses will receive an email with the customers data as a reservation confirmation. For businesses using compatible PMS software, the reservation will automatically flow into their system. Insta-Catch is available for any type of lodging, event, activity and restaurants in town. 

All businesses are paid directly through their own Stripe merchant account and are the merchant of record. You own your bookings and guests!

10% Insta Catch Technology –  vs 15% Airbnb and Expedia type third party lodging booking companies.

10% Insta Catch revenue stays on the mountain! –  15% Airbnb and Expedia money leaves our mountain!

Every $1,000,000 of business booked through Big Bear Lake Fishing Association saves lodging and mountain $150,000 with a 33% business out of pocket savings of $50,000

6% Insta Catch goes to Big Bear Lake Fishing Association expenses and our local software company LocalOTA which stays on the mountain!

3% Insta Catch goes to Municipal Water District fish budget! Creating a mountain lake fish budget!

1% Going back to our local schools!

You can register at or click Business Sign Up/ Log In in the main menu.