Big Bear Lake Fishing Association

About Us

The Big Bear Lake Fishing Association was originally established by Lynn Crawford, Preston Piveroff, Cliff Fowler, and countless other forgotten souls in the 1980s. Their Mission was to generate money for our lake and to promote family fishing combined with our famous original mountain tournament now called the Jim Hall Memorial. This is the blueprint of our current Fishing Association. We are trying to host new fishing tournaments focusing on our young people and families. We have added a little technology since our fish fathers started this great organization and with the help of Insta Catch, friends, members, and business members we hope to match what Jim, Lynn, Preston and Cliff Fowler accomplished over 30 years ago.

When booking through our website with Insta Catch, we will book your business for you!  Plus Insta Catch Software is cutting edge technology that will allow The Fishing Association to instantly Book ‘n Hook and
make reservations for your company that will directly send revenue and reservation data into most PMS systems. 10% stays on the mountain, with 6% goes to Big Bear Lake Fishing Association, 3% going to Big Bear Lake Municipal Water District, and 1% to our mountain schools.

Under Donations, there is a special button recognizing Lynn Crawford and all the special efforts of our mountain fish fathers of the past and present.

100% of all Donations will go directly to the Municipal Water District, towards the fishing fund.

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