2017 Aaron’s Big Bear Bass Tournament Championship Series

Michael Delucia and Matthew Delucia are Big Bear’s Tournament of champions winners. They are a father and son team from Pasadena who bought a bass boat and decided to start fishing Big Bear’s Bass Tournaments this year. The father-son team won three in a row during the qualifying tournaments and won both days of the Tournament of Champions. Matthew Delucia is a senior in high school and has plans to return next year for more bass fishing fun.


2017 Aaron’s Big Bear Bass Tournament Series – Results

1st:  Michael Delucia & Matthew Delucia           16lbs 4.4oz        7lbs 6oz             23lbs 10.4oz

2nd: Aaron Armstrong                                           8lbs 0.4oz         7lbs 14.2oz        15lbs 14.6oz

3rd: Matt Metroka & Marceli Smagacz               13lbs 0.2oz        0                         13lbs 0.2oz

                                                                                                 Big Fish Winners  6lbs 3.8oz

4th: Steve Almquist & Jim Effron                        9lbs 5.8oz          0                         9lbs 5.8oz